Magnetic Levitation in the News

Building A Magnetic Levitating Quadcopter
From the patent, we’re able to glean a few details of how this hoverboard/magnetic levitation device works, and in our post on the initial coverage, we said we’d be giving away some goodies to ... continued..
How’d They Do It: Levitating Orb Clock
Let us know in the comments below. If you’re looking to play with this phenomenon in your own projects, it seems you can buy a magnetic levitation device which exhibits similar properties. continued..
Magnetic Levitation: Materials and Processes
Magnetic levitation is one of the most outstanding properties of superconductors, which in addition has launched the development of several electromechanical systems. The simplest experiment consists ... continued..
How do superconductors work? A physicist explains what it means to have resistance-free electricity
The modern world runs on electricity, and wires are what carry that electricity to every light, television, heating system, cellphone and computer on the planet. Unfortunately, on average, about 5% of ... continued..
How to Build an Electromagnetic Levitation Device
"Do not levitate the spoon; that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon." - para. The Matrix (1999) But what if there is a spoon? Or some other object. You can't just ... continued..
A Potential Triumph in Physics, Dogged by Accusation and Doubt
University of Rochester’s Ranga Dias says his team has achieved one of science’s most elusive goals. Can he be trusted ... continued..
2023-2029 Global Magnetic Levitation Skateboards Market Growth Analysis Report
The Magnetic Levitation Skateboards Market report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market, covering ... continued..
How is hyperloop engineering progressing? The HYPED students provide insights
Interesting Engineering connected with the president of HYPED- a 130-student engineering team dedicated to making hyperloop tech a future transport mode. continued..
Artikel-artikel mengenai Magnetic levitation
Superconductors make highly efficient electronics, but the ultralow temperatures and ultrahigh pressures make them costly and difficult to use. Room-temperature superconductors promise to change that. continued..
Magnetic Levitation Refrigeration Compressor Market With&Nbsp;Foretelling&Nbsp;Strategy Throughout 2023-2028
(MENAFN- The Express Wire) Magnetic Levitation Refrigeration Compressor Market 2023 Will Give Report Analysis that rapidly arising as one of the [Machinery & Equipment] Sector in the business ... continued..
My Hero Academia: UA's Defensive Upgrades (And Shortfalls), Explained
Explore the capabilities of UA's futuristic security set-up in My Hero Academia and the glaring flaw in their system that mightn't keep Shigaraki out. continued..

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